Lexit statement on the murder of Jo Cox

Statement on the killing of Jo Cox from #Lexit the Left Leave Campaign:

We are horrified at the death of Jo Cox and send our deepest condolences to her husband and children, to her family, friends and colleagues.

We believe that the murder of an elected representative marks a deterioration of our society and our politics. Any links with possible far right groups must be fully investigated.

The atmosphere of racism and Islamophobia, and the scapegoating of migrants and refugees, which have been so much part of political discourse in recent years, is in danger of poisoning all political debate.

We are in favour of leaving the EU because ‘Fortress Europe’ and the EU’s sytematic promotion of austerity policies has led to the growth of such reactionary ideas.

Whatever the outcome of this referendum, all on the left must unite against such racism and support policies which undercut appeals to scapegoating minorities.

Lexit the Left Leave Campaign
Steering Committee
Friday 17 June 2016

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